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NAB Roundup By Charlie White Now that the smoke has cleared from NAB 2003, and as it fades into distant memory, it's time to stand back and reflect on all we've seen and heard at the annual technology and broadcasting get-together. I've taken all the daily reports, compiled them here, and I've added commentary and analysis throughout. So if you weren't able to make it to NAB this year, come along with me and re-live the joy that was the biggest digital techno-fest of the year. ...Read More »
Apple Brings Out the Big Guns at NAB By Dave Nagel Macintosh creative professionals have clearly been anxious about Apple's presence at the 2003 convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, hoping for at least some inkling of movement in Apple's professional lineup. With announcements of full-version updates and significant enhancements to the company's full range of professional-level offerings--Shake, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro, not to mention the previous weeks' announcements of updates to Logic Audio--the company did not disappoint. ...Read More »
The Client From Hell By Charlie White By popular demand, it's time to take a look at the flip side of The World's Worst Editor. My last column looked at our hapless hacker -- I called him Ed -- a digital video editor who didn't know if he was on foot or on horseback. I asked you, readers, to regale us with tales of the other, even darker side of the edit suite: the Client From Hell. Wow, did I hear some whoppers! Let's just hope that these clueless clients don't ever find themselves in the same edit suite with Ed. Someone could put an eye out, or, I don't know, something could just explode. But, as I mentioned in that same column: This is my client. He smells bad. He has money. I like him. ...Read More »
The World's Worst Editor By Charlie White Somewhere out there, there exists the world's worst digital video editor. Don't worry, it's not you, dear reader. The most frightening thing about this is, that editor has an appointment with a client tomorrow morning. Let's examine what this hapless hack is doing to earn the title World's Worst Editor, and learn exactly how we can all avoid being anointed with this most shameful of all awards. ...Read More »
Who Shot This !@%#$@? By Charlie White If you've been editing video for a while, or even for a few minutes, you can vouch for the truth of that old saying, "garbage in/garbage out" (GIGO). If the footage isn't there, you could be in store for an edit session that could be characterized as The Day From Hell. In this editorial/tutorial, let's take a look at ways to avoid this dreaded situation. ...Read More »
Reader Response: Fix it in Post By Stephen Schleicher I really needed to spout off in my previous editorial Fix it in Post, mainly because I am sick and tired of those who wish to take the easy way out and try and fix it in the edit. From the overwhelming responses Iíve received over the last few days, it looks like there are many of you out there who feel the same way. ...Read More »
Fix it in Post By Stephen Schleicher I didnít have the best of weekends. It started when a guy decided he would back into my car while he was going through a drive through (what kind of idiot backs up in a drive through?). When I got home, I discovered my Mac had died (I think the motherboard is fried), and to top it all off I got one of the lamest reader response e-mails in my life. ...Read More »
Revolutionary Rumblings Underfoot By Charlie White Put your ear next to the digital video editing railroad tracks, and listen along with me. What do you hear? Rumblings. Big, loud, basso-profundo, earth-shaking sounds, telling you that something is coming down the track that's going to shake things up, big time. What is this beast, on its way to rock our world? Come on inside and find out. ...Read More »
Super Bowl Ads: Best of the Best By Charlie White The Super Bowl of football has become the Super Bowl of commercials, and of digital video editing, too. This year, there was an outstanding crop of examples for editors to study. If you want to attend a clinic on how to edit short-form video, every year, plunk yourself down in front of the TV during the Super Bowl. Watch, and learn. Digital Media Net's Charlie White takes a look at the editing technique used in the best of the best of this year's Super Bowl spots, and comments on some of the ad content as well. ...Read More »
NLE for Free? Almost. By Charlie White You know the year's off to a great start when you hear that Avid and Apple are giving away nonlinear editing software. Well, almost. The other day Apple introduced a reduced-cost ($299) DV-only version of Final Cut Pro, called Final Cut Express. Not to be outdone, Avid announced that by the middle of this year, they'll be handing out free copies of software that sports a simplified version of the fabled Avid interface, in a training-wheels app called Free DV. Not that I'm complaining, but hey, what's going on here? ...Read More »
Our Virtual Future By Frank Moldstad Everywhere you looked at Winter NAMM 2003 there seemed to be hardworking DJs on demo stages with big crowds watching them perform with virtual instruments. Drawing on stacks of sample CDs or using the built-in sound design capabilities of software programs, these DJs are the one-man bands of the computer age. ...Read More »
Analysis: After the Keynote By Dave Nagel With Steve Jobs's annual keynote address out of the way, it's pretty safe to say that the major announcements coming out of the Macworld SF 2003 conference have now been made. Not that I can take the rest of the week off or anything, but you know what I mean. The "big news"--the stuff we've been waiting to hear for the last few months--has been made. And it's now time to compare Apple's offerings against expectations. ...Read More »
What Will We See in 2003? By John Virata With the year 2002 finally behind us, now is a good as time as any to prognosticate on what 2003 will bring the digital media creator. So without much further ado, let's take a look at what may be for 2003. ...Read More »
Predictions for 2003 By Charlie White As is the custom with lots of technology columnists, it's time to dust off the old crystal ball and offer our prognostications for the new year. What will happen in the world of digital video editing? I see big things on the horizon, with the economy recovering, television commercial production on an upswing and technology getting faster, cheaper and easier-to-use. It's going to be a good year, indeed! Here are my predictions for 2003. ...Read More »
50 Things I Learned By Charlie White Digital Media Net's Charlie White spends a lot of time looking up things. When he's doing that, he stumbles upon multitudes of informational tidbits that are sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, sometimes useful, and sometimes just plain weird. And sometimes, they even have something to do with digital video editing. They've been building up in a special file for a while now, so here they are, all in one place. ...Read More »
Digi-Vid Q&A By Charlie White We are asked hundreds of questions here at the Midwest Test Facility from the over 100,000 unique visitors coming to each month. I've narrowed down the most-often asked questions and listed them here, with mercifully brief answers for each one. Do you want to know which editing system to buy? Do you wonder what traits the best video editor I ever met possessed? What's up with those Mac vs. PC benchmarks? Get quick, to-the-point answers to these questions and more, right here, right now. ...Read More »
Talkin' Smack: The Viable Notebook, Phase 2 By Dave Nagel In the long-ago, far-away epoch before the advent of DV and FireWire, notebook computers were good for one thing: showing your friends and colleagues that you had enough money to afford one. Those of us wizened enough to remember all the way back to, say, the 1990s recall (as best we can in our senility) machines that could run little more than word processing programs, though many of us certainly did try to integrate them into our professional work. (Believe it or not, I was an editor putting out a weekly print magazine on a PowerBook Duo 210. It didn't last long ... the Duo, that is.) ...Read More »
Don't Overdo It, Editors! By Charlie White When I was a director, calling shots for live TV, I learned a lot of things about editing. Because calling shots live is nothing but sped-up editing, on the fly, in real time, you must compress all the skills of editing into a split second. In an instant, you evaluate the shot, assess the timing, and initiate the cut, dissolve or effect by calling it out -- right then and there. One good thing about this live pressure-cooker -- it's over when it's over, it's quick, and it feels so good when you stop. The comparison of live video directing to editing is like a baseball player's weight ring he puts on the bat when he's on deck -- it makes the bat seem so much lighter when it's time to step up to the plate. Let's take a look at some live television directing skills that translate well into the editing domain. ...Read More »
Apple: Best and Worst of Times By Charlie White "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." That's the way Charles Dickens described the situation in his classic epic, A Tale of Two Cities. It's fitting to say the same for Apple, where the Cupertino company has fielded what many think is the finest operating system in the world, OS X, running on Motorola processors that simply can't keep up with the white-hot competition in the Intel and AMD derby. Best OS, worst chips. It looks to me like, if Apple doesn't make a few changes soon, it's headed for the technological guillotine. But now there's new hope for a white knight to come riding up to save Apple from the scaffold, and his horse is named IBM. ...Read More »
The DVD Dilemma By John Virata Intellikey Labs released a survey that detailed the success and failure rates of DVDs that were created using both the DVD+R/RW formats and the DVD-R/RW formats. The testing was done using various DVD media that were created and then played on more than 100 set top DVD players from 30 manufacturers. The next day (Aug. 20), Pioneer, the dominant player in the DVD-R/RW burner market, issued a press release contradicting the Intellikey Labs report with its own data, data that Intellikey provided Pioneer in July 2002 from a survey on DVD format compatibility that Pioneer paid Intellikey to conduct. ...Read More »
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