Flip video delivers new Flip UltraHD By Ko Maruyama The Ultra HD in many ways is like it's predecessor, the flip. The small camera easily fits into a shirt pocket, or purse, it shoots a HD video image HD -- 1287 20x720, and has an easy to use button interface on the back of the upright camera. However, there are many features that set this camera apart from its previous version, and any of the other competitors' offerings. ...Read More »
The Sony HDR-CX100 By Douglas Spotted Eagle AVCHD has exploded on the consumer and pro-sumer scene like a new star at the Oscars, and the CX100 is the newest "actor" in the AVCHD lineup from Sony. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 By John Virata Welcome to the new age of video capture. With that comes new tools for video editing. One of those tools is Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 for Windows. The application, now in version 5 but called 7.0, is a consumer level video editing tool that has embraced some of the latest consumer video capture devices, as well as the output mediums that many people view video, including YouTube. The big news with version 7.0 is its support for AVCHD and JVC TOD files. ...Read More »
The Flip MinoHD By Lou Wallace The Flip MinoHD is a 720p HD camcorder that fits in a shirt pocket, records an hour of HD video at 1280x720 resolution and costs $229.99. It offers exceptional results for consumers and a modest price. Recommended! ...Read More »
Serif MoviePlus X3 By John Virata Back in the early 1990s, digital video was postage stamp sized, and for consumers, there wasn't really any good software that could easily edit video. This was coupled with the fact that most computers ran on 64MB of memory, and a 2GB hard disk drive fast enough to handle video cost $4000. Fast forward to today and both Windows and Macintosh-based computers include video editing software as a "module" of the operating system, 500GB hard drives can be had for around $100, and most computers ship with 2GB RAM standard. ...Read More »
Flip Mino HD By Ko Maruyama The Flip Mino HD is an interesting proposition and great HD camera under specific scenarios. A couple weeks ago, I was able to review the Flip Mino in its standard definition format. The Flip Mino HD is like its SD sibling with the exception that it can record at 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second and save as H.264. ...Read More »
Flip Mino: Personally Pro By Ko Maruyama Flip Video camcorders are now available with personalized skins. In a recent partnership with CafĂ© press, Pure Digital Technologies now offers their popular flip video camera with customized printing on the front. Amazingly, after only one year on the market, Flip Video has sold over 1.5 million camcorders in the United States alone. ...Read More »
G-Technology's G-Drive mini 500GB By John Virata As consumers take full advantage of the digital gadgetry that has permeated their lives, they have learned more and more about the importance of backing up the data that their devices produce. And the best back up scenarios involve backing up the backup. I learned the hard way. In the last two weeks I've had two external hard drives fail, a Maxtor One Touch III, and a two-year old Seagate 500GB eSATA external drive (in the case of the Seagate, the interface failed, and not the hard drive). ...Read More »
Pure Digital's Flip Video mino By John Virata What does a company do when it makes a highly successful DV camcorder that fits in the palm of your hand and shoots surprisingly high quality 640x480 resolution video? At less than $200? Well, it shrinks the next version, adds some cool sharing features in the intuitive software that ships with it, and adds neat, touch sensitive controls for manipulating the camera's basic controls. ...Read More »
Panasonic SDR SW20 camcorder By David Hague The Panasonic SDR SW20 does not pretend to be a full blast underwater camera; at a maximum rated depth of 1.5 metres, this is way out of the range a dedicated SCUBA diver wants or needs. But for the shooter who wants a go-anywhere, small and tough camcorder that takes great footage (although only MPEG-4 based), it is just the goods. ...Read More »
First Look: Canon HF10 HD camcorder By John Virata The Canon HF10 is an ultra compact camcorder that captures HD video in the AVCHD H.264 video file format. What makes the camcorder unique is the dual storage capabilities built into the camera. It doesn't use video tape or DVD disc or a hard disk; rather, it captures video and still images either via the camcorder's built-in 16GB Flash memory, or via SDHC (Serial Digital High Capacity) memory cards. ...Read More »
Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Ultimate By Heath McKnight Pinnacle`s Studio MovieBox Ultimate is the perfect hardware and software combination for Windows users looking to get a lot of bang for their buck. The hardware/software solution combines a capture box, non-linear editor (NLE), web video encoder, and DVD creator. Editing with Studio 11 is a breeze, plus there`s a green screen to do chroma key work, all for only $149.99. All I can say is, where was this when I was 13 and starting to make movies? ...Read More »
Sony HDR-HC9 HDV camcorder By Douglas Spotted Eagle HD is taking over the video production world faster than many camera owners can keep up with. Now in its 5th generation, HDV cameras offer a broad range of choices from full-size broadcast cameras to small format palmcorders. The most recent addition to the lineup of HDV camcorders is the Sony HDR-HC9, available from Sony Electronics. ...Read More »
Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra By John Virata I have been a fan of Pure Digital's Flip Video camera ever since I took a look at one last year. I liked the small form factor, the video quality for the price, and the battery life. It is an ideal video camera for those moments when you don't want or need to pull out the more traditional video camera. In fact it is so minuscule that you can take it virtually everywhere you want to go and shoot very good video. ...Read More »
First Look: Canon HG-10 AVCHD camcorder By John Virata The consumer video camcorder market resembles that of the Blu-Ray/HD DVD market in that there are choices to be made. There are many different camcorders available that capture to all kinds of media, including DVD, hard disk, media card, and the old standby, video tape. ...Read More »
Dazzle Video Creator Platinum By John Virata With VCRs soon going the way of the cassette tape, what are you going to do with all those videotapes that you've shot over the last two decades? Take them to a video service bureau to have them converted to DVD? Now why would you want to do that when there are plenty of solutions available that enable you to do it yourself on your PC? Pinnacle Systems' Dazzle Video Creator Platinum offers to tools to get turn those video tapes into DVDs with just a few clicks of the mouse. ...Read More »
Sony stuffs top-notch HD video into small camcorder, but included software falls short By The Associated Press Consumers are racing to replace their aging televisions with high-definition TVs. Trouble is, many are still using devices and services that can't fill those HDTVs with enough visual information to make them look their best. ...Read More »
AVCHD and the Sony HDR CX7 By Douglas Spotted Eagle This month we've begun focusing on the future of consumer digital video; AVCHD. The Advanced Video Codec High Definition format is rapidly replacing the DV format in the consumer space, and will soon work its way up into the prosumer with forthcoming products. ...Read More »
First Look: SmoothCam & Background Processing - The Future of Final Cut Pro By Kevin McAuliffe About a month into the launch of Final Cut Studio 2, I thought I would take an in depth look at one of the best new features of FCP, which is SmoothCam and Background Processing. Both these features go hand in hand and with what I have seen, this could be giving us a glimpse of the future of Final Cut Pro. ...Read More »
CyberLink PowerDirector 6 By John Virata CyberLink PowerDirector 6 is an entry level non-linear editing application that has been around for several years and offers some pretty nifty features that most occasional video editors would find useful. As such, over the years it has adopted much of the same functionality as other entry level video editors. It has all the transitions and effects you could need to go really overboard in your video editing jobs, has multiple output support, and features a very easy to use four button workflow to get you editing quickly. ...Read More »
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