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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Batch Capture By Antony Bolante In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses how to use the batch capture feature in Premiere Pro CS4. He details how when logging clips the files are still not captured, and how you can use the batch capture command to capture the entire group of logged clips, or selecting just those clips that you think you will use. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Video Capture By Antony Bolante In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses how to import tape-based footage from the tap to the computer. He shows how to capture footage from DV format tape, but explains the process is similar with other tape based formats. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Techniques: Editing with Canon's 24F By Heath McKnight When Canon introduced its professional HDV systems (the XLH1, XHG1 and XHA1), they featured three interesting frame rate features: 24f, 30f and the optional 25f. The f stands for full frame, and is very much like progressive-scan video (24p, 30p and 25p). This frame rate wasn't able to be cut on Final Cut Pro (FCP) until recently. There are two ways to cut Canon HDV footage running at this frame rate with FCP 6: ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Level 3: Ripple and Rolling edits By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer covers ripple and rolling edits. He setys up FCP for Ripple editing and describes what a ripple edit is and what it does to your timeline. He also covers what a rolling edit is as well and gives detailed explanation on how to perform a ripple and rolling edit. ...Read More »
Making a Logo Transparent Using Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher One powerful reason to choose Sony Vegas as your NLE is how its myriad of tools let you to accomplish so many tasks directly inside the program. I’d say that 90% of the time there is no need to employ other software. For example, a client gives you their logo graphic to place in a video project. Unfortunately, this logo has a white background instead of a transparent one and you’d like to key it over video. But the white is in the way. ...Read More »
Placing Video Inside a Title with Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher Is your titling with Sony Vegas a bit blasé these days? Here’s a technique that can bring some pizzazz to otherwise bland white letters on a background. Consider adding motion that appears inside the letters and compositing that over another video. That’s a powerful look that every Sony Vegas user should know how to do. ...Read More »
Efficient Editing with Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher As a teacher, trainer, and consultant I see a lot of people using Sony Vegas and run across a myriad of working styles and approaches. Some people are quite adept at applying the tools while others get mired in old habits – some bad – and are reluctant to try new tactics. Vegas is quite flexible and often has two or three ways to accomplish the same end. However, while there are no wrong ways, there are better, faster, and more efficient methods to perform certain tasks. ...Read More »
Creative Titling Using Bezier Masking in Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher It’s a no-brainer to place white titles over video in Sony Vegas. Drag the Default text with its transparent alpha channel to the top track and place some video on a track below it. Done. But most of us would rather be a little more creative. ...Read More »
Using Height Maps with Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher As video professionals, we are always looking for unique ways to present information. Titles especially lend themselves to interesting effects. And using the Height Map compositing mode in Sony Vegas opens up a range of possibilities. ...Read More »
Keeping your camcorder and accessories cleaned and maintained By David Hague This morning at about 3am, I awoke in a cold sweat. I had been dreaming; not the pleasant musings about soirees with Elle McPherson or Scarlett Johannsen, oh no. I was filming my brother who was snorkelling and I was using my Canon XHA1. Trouble was I was swimming too and I didn’t have an underwater housing for it. Worse, I had dropped the camera into the briny. No wonder I woke up in a sweat ...Read More »
Faster Work Flow in LiveType, Motion and After Effects for Final Cut Editors By Kevin McAuliffe A few years ago, program integration was for the most part, non-existent. I've worked with Adobe After Effects for about 11 years now, and I remember that whenever I would have to leave the Avid world to delve into the After Effects world, I would cringe, as it was always a real pain, as the programs never really talked to each other. Thankfully, Automatic Duck has more or less solved that problem for all the Avid users out there working in After Effects. ...Read More »
Shooting to editing to delivering in the HDV format By Kevin McAuliffe Now that prices of computers, editing software, and HDV cameras have become extremely affordable, many people, especially people like Wedding Videographers, are now in the position to start shooting, editing and delivering shows and videos in HD for broadcast, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD's and for the web. ...Read More »
Editing HDV By Heath McKnight Though there were some issues editing HDV early on, it has become an easy process in all major and most consumer NLEs. Whether you choose to cut in native HDV, or using a DI (Digital Intermediate), editing this popular new video codec is easy, if you have the right tools. I’ll be taking a look at all the NLE apps out there, big and small, and some of the proxy solutions to help out if your camera or deck aren’t yet supported, or your computer is older and upgrading may be out of the question. ...Read More »
Making Light Rays From VelvetMatter Plugins By Dave Hadden This new plug-in pack from VelvetMatter has made me happy and it’s time to share the joy. Light Rays can give your text that dynamic look or make a unique transition or even “re-light” a scene, and Velvet Matter has come out with a plug-in for Sony Vegas that can add that extra punch to any project. First off, Lets start with the meat and potatos of this new plug… text. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for Brand Noobs, Part 3 By Charlie White In this part 3 of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for Brand Noobs, it's time to bring some clips onto the timeline and start learning some basic editing techniques using Premiere's intuitive edge-dragging routine. Here's where you'll really see just how easy this software is to use when you want to quickly and easily edit video by visually lengthening and shortening clips. We'll learn how to whip those shots into shape, so follow along and have some fun while you're turning into an editing ace. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for Brand Noobs, Part 2 By Charlie White In part one of our Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for Brand Noobs, we learned about how important it is to have two monitors when editing video, and now it's time to get out that DV camcorder and start capturing some video. Follow along with me, and don't fret, this is going to be easy. We're working in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, remember? No more of those crappy consumer-level editing applications for you. You're ready to run with the big dogs now. But not to worry, this is the pro-level editing app for the rest of us. C'mon, it'll be fun. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for Brand Noobs, Part 1 By Charlie White There are plenty of advanced Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials on Digital Media Net, but there's a shortage of basic, step-by-step guides on how to do simple setup, capturing, editing and output with the software and its associated hardware. So, by popular demand, we bring you a series of tutorials, written in bite-sized pieces, that will give you a basic start-to-finish overview of the software. In Part 1, we cover setting up your monitors and hardware to work best with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. ...Read More »
Get the Picture with P2 By Douglas Spotted Eagle The new Panasonic HVX200 is a revolutionary camcorder, in that it is an affordable HD camcorder whose main unique feature is the storage of HD data at a variety of frame rates and resolutions on a solid-state media card known as "P2." In other words, it's tapeless for HD recording. These cards may be placed in the camcorder in a group of two, allowing for a variety of recording times varying from four to sixteen minutes dependent on user-selected frame rate and resolution. ...Read More »
Create Brokeback Mountain-like Titles By Douglas Spotted Eagle This project can be accomplished in either version of Vegas. The downloadable media is a Vegas Movie Studio file, but will open in the professional version of Sony Vegas software as well. Having titles that fade on the left and right edges is a common practice, but the movie "Brokeback Mountain" made great use of this technique in their trailers for the film. ...Read More »
Using Serious Magic's ULTRA as a multi-layer comp tool By Karl Soule In this tutorial, we are going to create a four layer composite, with two still images and two video clips. We will key someone into the cover of a magazine, with another video clip playing behind the magazine. The videos and one of the stills are part of the sample content included with ULTRA. The other still image can be downloaded by right-clicking here. ...Read More »
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