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Accessing Camera Archive Data for Other Programs By Diana Weynand, James Alguire and RevUpTansmedia A Camera Archive is a complete back up of the contents of a videotape (for tape-based cameras), or a memory card or hard drive (for file-based cameras). Normally the video in a camera archive is only accessible from within Final Cut Pro, but what if you need to use some of the archived video in another editing program? You could import the needed video into Final Cut Pro and then export it from a project, but that is quite a bit of work. With a bit of care video from a camera archive can be made available to be imported directly into other software, and this tutorial will show you how. ...Read More »
Creating a Camera Archive By Diana Weynand, James Alguire and RevUpTansmedia Creating a camera archive creates a backup that frees your camera or capture media for reuse, preserves and protects your media for future use (this should also be enhanced with more traditional backup options like Mac OS X's Time Machine), and finally the camera archive feature helps preserve the date structure used by your camera to make it easier to store and access your video files. A camera archive can be easily mounted (in some cases automatically) and the video imported at any time. ...Read More »
Importing from iPhoto or Aperture By Diana Weynand, James Alguire and RevUpTansmedia If you are an avid user of iPhoto or Aperture, Apple's consumer and professional photo management tools you probably have shoeboxes worth of photos, all carefully organized, cropped, color adjusted, keyword tagged, and now just crying to be seen. Somewhere. Anywhere? ...Read More »
Importing from iMovie By Diana Weynand, James Alguire and RevUpTansmedia It's possible you may have dabbled with video editing in iMovie, that it was your first introduction into video editing. If so, then you can easily bring those iMovie gems to a whole new luster by importing the events and projects you created in iMovie directly into Final Cut Pro. Once there, you can take advantage of all the high-end new features that iMovie could only aspire to have. There are two ways to import iMovie assets into Final Cut Pro, either import just the iMovie Events, or import the iMovie projects. This tutorial explains how to do both. ...Read More »
Working with your HDSLR footage in Vegas Pro 10 By Gary Rebholz For the most part, you use the exact same techniques to work with files from your HDSLR as you do any other footage that you add to your Vegas Pro timeline. There are no specific "HDSLR-only" editing techniques that you need to learn, so if you already edit other types of footage with Vegas Pro software, use the same techniques for your HDSLR footage. ...Read More »
Seven Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Personal Video Camera By Gary Rebholz It's not unusual to be a little unsure of how to proceed when you start using a new device and so you may find yourself struggling to figure out exactly how to use the footage you've shot with your camera in Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio. The process can really be broken down into seven general steps, so let's take a look at those steps now. ...Read More »
Mac Panasonic MOD Video Converter Enables You To Edit Panasonic SDR Series To IMovie Or FCP Doremisoft Panasonic MOD Camcorder Video Converter for Mac users to convert or edit Panasonic SDR MOD video in Mac program like iMovie, FCE, FCP, etc. ...Read More »
Mac Canon MOD Converter Makes You Import or Edit Canon FS Series to iMovie Best Canon MOD Converter for Mac allows you to convert Canon FS camcorder MOD video to iMovie, FCE or FCP supporting video formats. ...Read More »
How to import flip ultra/mino hd/slidehd MP4 to Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements? By WIKI Adobe Premiere is an incredible consumer editing software that brings numerous amazing features to its fans. There are multiple versions, like Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, Adobe Premiere Elements 6.0, etc. But just like some other software, it also has some format limitations. When people try to import Flip video to Adobe Premiere for editing, they will feel frustrated because Premiere cannot read Flip video directly. ...Read More »
Make a Yahoo Video Slideshow In this Yahoo Video Slideshow tutorial, you will see how to make a Yahoo Video Slideshow with photos and music step by step using slideshow software called Video Slideshow Maker. ...Read More »
Converting Flip Video To Other Video Formats By WIKI Flip video converter is seen as the best way to convert flip video files. All Flip family support: Flip Mino, Flip Ultra, Flip MinoHD, Flip UltraHD, and new Flip SlideHD. Transfer and convert Flip video with Flip video converter! ...Read More »
How to transfer iPod recorded video to computer and YouTube By WIKI It's easy to do that, and this guide will show you the detailed steps to make full use of the iPod recorded video. ...Read More »
Flip Video Converter Mac, convert Flip Utra/Utra HD, Flip Mino/Mino HD videos on Mac OS X By WIKI The Flip video family including Flip Utra, Flip Utra HD, Flip Mino, Flip Mino HD features for its simply-to-use and simply-to-share function. With this pocket-sized portable camcorder, you are free to shoot videos anywhere at any time easily. Moreover, the simple plug-in USB connector with the built-in FlipShare makes sharing your videos via Youtube or Email incredibly easily. ...Read More »
How to burn WMV video to DVD By WIKI WMV video is a one of the most popular video formats we often use. Enjoy the WMV video on TV, Xbox, PS 3 or other DVD Players is often necessary in our common life. So let's learn how to burn WMV video to DVD to enjoy on TV or other DVD Players together with family and friends. ...Read More »
How to Convert QuickTime MOV Video to DVD on Mac OS X? By WIKI Professional Mac Video to DVD Burner can help you to burn QuickTime MOV Video to DVD on Mac ...Read More »
Complete Training for NewTek SpeedEDIT: Outputting the finished project By Faraz Ahmed In this video, host Faraz Ahmed discusses outputting your projects to tape and to different file formats. He shows the Speededit tools needed to complete the output process. He shows the most reliable way to output back to tape. The process is identical in DV and HDV with the exception that HDV is 16:9. Speed Edit does not care what the format is, at it will scale accordingly. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Organizing your assets By Antony Bolante Now that you've imported the footage that you want to work on in your project, now is the time to organize it. In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses how to organize your media so that you can work more efficiently and avoid wasting time hunting for the items that you want. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Bins By Antony Bolante In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses what Bins are and how the top most level of the project panel, also known as the master Bin. He shows how to create a new Bin, marquee select clips to place in a Bin, close the Bin, and how to organize items into Bins. He also shows how to open and close Bins as well as other neat Bin tricks. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Markers By Antony Bolante In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses marking important frames in your project, particularly the range of frames you want to include in the sequence. He shows how to do this using markers. The focus is on clip markers. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Logging By Antony Bolante In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses how to watch the tape and log the shots you want before you capture them. He details how to log the tape using the playback controls and the controls in the logging area of the capture panel, which enables you to specify if you want to capture the video and the audio or just the video or audio. ...Read More »
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