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The Consumer Video-editing Revolution By for Digital Innovation Gazette The advent of digital video technologies has brought the Hollywood professional??s editing tools down to the consumer level. Now, even a teen can try his hand at becoming the next George Lucas or James Cameron -- and there??s a ready audience w ...Read More »
How to import flip ultra/mino hd/slidehd MP4 to Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements? By WIKI Adobe Premiere is an incredible consumer editing software that brings numerous amazing features to its fans. There are multiple versions, like Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, Adobe Premiere Elements 6.0, etc. But just like some other software, it also has some format limitations. When people try to import Flip video to Adobe Premiere for editing, they will feel frustrated because Premiere cannot read Flip video directly. ...Read More »
Converting Flip Video To Other Video Formats By WIKI Flip video converter is seen as the best way to convert flip video files. All Flip family support: Flip Mino, Flip Ultra, Flip MinoHD, Flip UltraHD, and new Flip SlideHD. Transfer and convert Flip video with Flip video converter! ...Read More »
Production Assistant for Sony Vegas Pro: From a Final Cut Pro User's Perspective By Heath McKnight Sony Creative Software introduced Production Assistant for Vegas Pro as a way to streamline post-production, and I have to say, it's a terrific plug-in, created along with VASST. As a Final Cut Pro editor, I take a different look at the software, and I also discuss Vegas Pro version 9. ...Read More »
Complete Training for NewTek SpeedEDIT: Outputting the finished project By Faraz Ahmed In this video, host Faraz Ahmed discusses outputting your projects to tape and to different file formats. He shows the Speededit tools needed to complete the output process. He shows the most reliable way to output back to tape. The process is identical in DV and HDV with the exception that HDV is 16:9. Speed Edit does not care what the format is, at it will scale accordingly. ...Read More »
Yosemite National Park. . .in High Definition 3D By John Virata While 3D films have been around since at least the 1950s, the technique of creating 3D movies gets revisited quite often. Back in the mid 1990s at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans, Sony showed a 3D film at one of its after hours parties at the Aquarium, to the delight of all who were invited to screen it. At this year's NAB trade show in Las Vegas, all the major camera manufacturers were showcasing 3D displays and some had 3D camera demonstrations in their booths. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Organizing your assets By Antony Bolante Now that you've imported the footage that you want to work on in your project, now is the time to organize it. In this clip, Lynda.com host Antony Bolante discusses how to organize your media so that you can work more efficiently and avoid wasting time hunting for the items that you want. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Bins By Antony Bolante In this clip, Lynda.com host Antony Bolante discusses what Bins are and how the top most level of the project panel, also known as the master Bin. He shows how to create a new Bin, marquee select clips to place in a Bin, close the Bin, and how to organize items into Bins. He also shows how to open and close Bins as well as other neat Bin tricks. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Markers By Antony Bolante In this clip, Lynda.com host Antony Bolante discusses marking important frames in your project, particularly the range of frames you want to include in the sequence. He shows how to do this using markers. The focus is on clip markers. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Logging By Antony Bolante In this clip, Lynda.com host Antony Bolante discusses how to watch the tape and log the shots you want before you capture them. He details how to log the tape using the playback controls and the controls in the logging area of the capture panel, which enables you to specify if you want to capture the video and the audio or just the video or audio. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Batch Capture By Antony Bolante In this clip, Lynda.com host Antony Bolante discusses how to use the batch capture feature in Premiere Pro CS4. He details how when logging clips the files are still not captured, and how you can use the batch capture command to capture the entire group of logged clips, or selecting just those clips that you think you will use. ...Read More »
The Sony HDR-CX100 By Douglas Spotted Eagle AVCHD has exploded on the consumer and pro-sumer scene like a new star at the Oscars, and the CX100 is the newest "actor" in the AVCHD lineup from Sony. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Video Capture By Antony Bolante In this clip, Lynda.com host Antony Bolante discusses how to import tape-based footage from the tap to the computer. He shows how to capture footage from DV format tape, but explains the process is similar with other tape based formats. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Techniques: Editing with Canon's 24F By Heath McKnight When Canon introduced its professional HDV systems (the XLH1, XHG1 and XHA1), they featured three interesting frame rate features: 24f, 30f and the optional 25f. The f stands for full frame, and is very much like progressive-scan video (24p, 30p and 25p). This frame rate wasn't able to be cut on Final Cut Pro (FCP) until recently. There are two ways to cut Canon HDV footage running at this frame rate with FCP 6: ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Level 3: Ripple and Rolling edits By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer covers ripple and rolling edits. He setys up FCP for Ripple editing and describes what a ripple edit is and what it does to your timeline. He also covers what a rolling edit is as well and gives detailed explanation on how to perform a ripple and rolling edit. ...Read More »
Outfitting your Portable Final Cut Pro Workstation By Heath McKnight Final Cut Pro editors are always looking for ways to bring the show on the road, and Apple s laptops are more powerful than ever before. These speedy machines can be used for editing video with Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express, not to mention iMovie. Even the consumer-friendly MacBook packs enough punch under the hood, with new models achieving a maximum of 4GB RAM that can be added, to cut video without a problem. Below are a couple of set-ups for a great portable Final Cut Pro (FCP) workstation. ...Read More »
Getting the most for your dollar when choosing your editing package By Kevin McAuliffe These days, it seems like everyone out there has an editing package. Apple has Final Cut Studio, Avid has Media Composer that you can bundle with Studio Toolkit (on Windows only), Adobe has Creative Suite - Production Bundle and even Sony has the Vegas Pro editing bundle, but with all these choices out there, what should you choose? ...Read More »
HD Primer By Douglas Spotted Eagle Never before has the video industry seen such an explosion of formats as we're experiencing today, and along with the plethora of formats comes confusion about what HD is and what it isn't. Rarely does a day go by that we don't hear the phrase "True HD" or "Full HD" in the context of comparing camcorders and/or formats. ...Read More »
What's new in Final Cut Pro 6: New Video Effects Filters Part 2 By Diana Weynand As we discussed in Part 1 of new Video Effects Support in Final Cut Pro 6, Motion`s effects are created using Apple`s FxPlug architecture while FC`s effects use FxScript plugins. You can tell which effects are being shared with Motion by looking at the Effect Class column in the Effects tab in the Browser window. ...Read More »
Making a Logo Transparent Using Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher One powerful reason to choose Sony Vegas as your NLE is how its myriad of tools let you to accomplish so many tasks directly inside the program. Id say that 90% of the time there is no need to employ other software. For example, a client gives you their logo graphic to place in a video project. Unfortunately, this logo has a white background instead of a transparent one and youd like to key it over video. But the white is in the way. ...Read More »
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