Sony HDR-SR1 By David Hague In Sonys new line up of AVCHD based Handycams, the HDR-SR1 is probably the model the serious video person would look at as against its sibling, the UX-1. The major difference between the two is media; the SR-1 uses hard disc technology for video storage as against the UX-1s DVD. ...Read More »
Panasonic AJ-HDC27 VariCam Captures the Dirt on new FX Drama THE SERIES: The new FX hour-long drama series Dirt, starring Courteney Cox, which premiered earlier this month and is broadcast Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT, is being shot with a pair of AJ-HDC27 VariCam HD Cinema cameras. The Director of Photography is Geary McLeod, and the Digital Imaging Technician is Ethan Phillips. Dirt was created by Matthew Carnahan. ...Read More »
The Sony HDR-UX1 By David Hague The HDR-UX1 is the DVD based member of the family and weighs in at 660g. The Dual Layer compatible DVD mechanism (DVD-R, -RW and +RW are also supported). ...Read More »
Do We Accept The Truth? By John Virata Alexis Dias is one of thousands of Indians who have benefited from India's high tech industry. Earning a comfortable living, Dias noticed that not all have benefited from the high tech boom. During his daily commutes to his job, the 33 year old software developer noticed a disproportionate amount of children doing menial jobs to survive. So Dias and several colleagues, armed with a Panasonic GS200 3CCD miniDV camcorder and Sony's Vegas video editing software decided to make a film to show the plight of the working street kids of Bangalore. ...Read More »
Cable-Cutting Wireless HD Spec To Stream Uncompressed HD Video (TWICE) _ Sunnyvale, Calif. A wireless-connectivity technology backed by six major CE suppliers would be the first wireless technology to simultaneously stream multiple high-definition (HD) video programs in uncompressed form among multiple devices up to 33 feet apart. ...Read More »
HDV for Everyone By Frank Moldstad The age of Hi Def home movies for the average person has arrived. Barely a week after announcing a pair of new professional HD camcorders, Canon dropped the other shoe by unveiling the HV10, a $1,500 camcorder that shoots true 1080 HDV video. Not only does the HV10 employ a true-to-spec 1920x1080 high-definition image, it will practically fit in your pocket. We got the lowdown on the HV10 as well as the new DVD-based DC22 16x9 camcorder from Canon's Jon Sagud. ...Read More »
HD = Hard Decisions By Peter May Producer/Director and Digital Media Net contributing editor Peter May had to make one of those choices we're facing all too often nowadays. He looked down one afternoon to see his "old" Sony HVR-Z1U and a brand spankin' new Panasonic AG HVX200, side by side on his bench, competing for attention. With two HD cameras at similar price points, he was forced to take a hard look at two attractive alternatives, and he's eager to share his thoughts. ...Read More »
Top 10 Cool Products for Summer, 2006 By Charlie White The sun's a-blazing, and when the hottest time of the year rolls around, our thoughts naturally turn to coolness. Every year at this time, I show you the coolest products I've encountered over the past year, where each offers a variety of ways to enhance one's quality of life. Most of these items concern digital video editing, all are technology-related, many give you lots of convenience and others, just lots of sheer joy. Few of them have to do with hot weather, but each oozes coolness. So let's count 'em down, the Top 10 Cool Products for Summer, 2006. ...Read More »
Direct to Disk Recorders By Stephen Schleicher The biggest problem for editors is digitizing all of the footage from tape. Not only does an editor need to log the tape, but the digitizing takes place in real time. In a fast paced edit bay, this can slow post production to a crawl. One solution is to have all of the footage shot in the format you need direct to disk. Three companies announced their solution at the National Association of Broadcasters convention this week. ...Read More »
Petrol Camporter By Douglas Spotted Eagle Those of you who have read past reviews and articles that I've authored are probably well aware that I'm not a fan of the TSA and the nonsense that is part and parcel of getting on a plane, train, or bus these days, so anything that makes my traveling life easier is something in which I'm deeply interested. ...Read More »
The Making of Family: Part One By Frank Moldstad This is the first of a three-part series where we talk with independent filmmaker JM Logan about the process of making Family, a full-length feature film he finished in January that is now being picked up for distribution. The conversation covers a 14-month period from script through post production, and includes details on shooting with a DV cam, uprezzing to HD, post production and securing distribution. In short, its a primer for indie filmmakers about workflow issues and pitfalls they are likely to face --and Logan knows just about all of them, as well as some innovative solutions. ...Read More »
Ultimatte DV: Ultimate Value By Charlie White Chromakeying is probably the most widely-used camera trick. Until recently, if you wanted to create a first-rate chromakey, you'd need to use specialized and expensive hardware. Now a company that's widely respected and recognized for its sophisticated chromakey hardware has decided to offer a unit that's lower-priced yet retains some of the high-end features of its more-expensive brethren. Ultimatte DV ($2995 retail) is designed to let you plug in SVideo, composite or DV sources and create a chromakey that can be output in either DV, composite or SVideo. ...Read More »
Interesting products debut at 2005 DV Expo By John Virata While one of the biggest news stories at the 2005 DV Expo in Los Angeles was Panasonic's unveiling of the AG-HVX200 camcorder, there were plenty of other announcements at the show. First up was Matrox Video, showing its latest DualHead2Go, a $169 external hardware device that enables you to attach two LCD displays to a notebook computer. ...Read More »
Panasonic rolls out AG-HVX200 camcorder By John Virata In Ballroom D of the Universal Hilton Hotel at the doorstep to the world famous San Fernando Valley and across town from the 2005 DV Expo in Los Angeles, Panasonic Corp. introduced the Panasonic AG-HVX200, the successor to the company's popular AG-DVX100 to a group of journalists, indie filmmakers and others. ...Read More »
Hitachi DZGX20A DVD Camcorder By John Virata MiniDV camcorders have been around for about 10 years now, and have been proven to be popular tools for capturing video. The issues with regard to video cameras though is their connections to view the home movies on television. Many consumers still don't have the inclination to fiddle with cables so they can view their videos on TV or a computer. ...Read More »
Ringers: Lord of the Fans By Frank Moldstad Director Carlene Cordova's new documentary, Ringers: Lord of the Fans, is being released on DVD by Sony in November after an enthusiastic film festival reception. An affectionate look at the fan base spawned by "The Lord of the Rings," it includes interviews with many of the film trilogy's stars -- as well as the fans, who are known as Ringers. We talked with Cordova and her production team about how the film came about, and what motivates people to become Ringers. ...Read More »
Sony HVR-A1U HDV Camcorder By Douglas Spotted Eagle Bringing its fourth HDV camera to market, Sony is about to start shipping the second in their professional offerings for the HDV shooter. The HVR-A1U is the latest addition to the HDV market, and is a dynamite camcorder both for DV shooters and HDV shooters. Good things come in small packages. ...Read More »
Sony HC1E First Look By Douglas Spotted Eagle The Sony HDR-HC1E is the first small-bodied camera in the HDV world, but its size belies its quality and capability. Aimed directly at the consumer market, this camera has a price of around $1700.00. Smaller than most DV cameras, the native 1440 x 1080 camera uses CMOS technology to provide impressive imagery from a 5.9mm (1/3) chip. ...Read More »
Coolness Roundup 2005, Part II By Charlie White By popular demand, we bring you our annual Coolness Roundup, your guide to summer fun and relaxation, where all types of products and services are fair game, and where the name of the game is quality-of-life improvement. Here youll find devices and doodads that will enhance your summer vacation, and add a little fun to your leisure time activities. In part II of this years roundup, we venture even farther afield, tipping you off to the summers finest gadgets, tools, accessories and entertainments, all listed here with the sole purpose of making your life better. ...Read More »
Seven Questions Part 2: Is HDV Good Enough? By Charlie White (6/30/05) In this second part of Digital Media Net's seven-question interviews about HDV, DMN's Charlie White turns to Bob Ott, Sony's Vice President of Marketing, Professional Audio/Video Products. Riding the tide of impressive sales for the company's Z1 HDV camcorder, Ott spoke about where Sony's 3-CCD 1080i HDV camcorder is being used. Is it good enough for air? Many broadcasters are beginning to answer in the affirmative. ...Read More »
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